Who’s Afraid of the Wolf?24–10–2017 / 18-11-2017In his recent artistic research Alessio de Girolamo uses different languages for the restitution of an enquiry about mass hysteria: also referred to as psychotronik power. For a few years now the perception of the spread of a transversal perception has been said to be felt by all of humanity – especially on some people who have been called ‘electrosensitive’.  This perception can be described as something akin to a pervasive manipulation of one’s thought and actions and occurs through electromagnetic waves.

Painting, sculpture, drawing, video and sound art merge to form through a variety of layers a disturbing landscape originating from this conspiracy theory. For his first solo show in Florence, at SRISA Gallery, de Girolamo presents a site specific installation  that occupies the entirety of the exhibition space.

(Pietro Gaglianò)
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