Atlantis (SCIC / FENDI) 28–09–2020 / 10-10-2020 
On the occasion of Milan Design City 2020, SCIC renews its close collaboration between the best artists of the contemporary Italian scene and the world of design, presenting the exhibition Atlantis by Alessio de Girolamo. The SCIC project, curated by Irene Biolchini, carries forward an ideal of innovative contamination for the sector, developed starting from 2019 when the design company launched a national concept to invite the best Italian artists to dialogue with the excellence of furniture design.

Alessio de Girolamo erased for three days the lines of an impossible staff, a mental space on a physical surface. A place haunted by the ghosts of infesting parrots. Those parrots that took over Milan, the same ones that freely flew over it when we were all locked in eerily familiar spaces, trying to generate mental spaces. When everything stopped, even the ring road behind his house, Alessio noticed the background noises that emerged from that submerged continent which is an elsewhere, a mental space of minimal discourses and imagined sounds. He translated those emerging sounds into waves, songs, poems.

Because sound and imagination are the first manifestations of human creativity according to Vico.

Atlantis anticipates the word. The erasure does not erase, does not rewrite, does not generate meaning: it moves, welcomes, listens. So here, looking at the wall, listening to the submerged Atlantis, out of the corner of our eye we see a sparkle: the glossy black of those plate-letter-sculptures that stand out on the architecture, re-inhabiting it. LANGUAGE. The language rolls up into a spiral, does not open to anything, does not allow access to further levels of knowledge. Passing through the arch, we re-immerse ourselves in the sound, in the scores, in the absence of voice.

(Irene Biolchini)

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