Atlantis24–06–2020 / 31-07-2020 
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"Atlantis" is the emergence of a new sonic landscape that interacts with architecture and its inhabitants. It is an Atlantis revealed by the retreat of the sea of "decibels" that once submerged it.

Inside, we are surprised by echoes, reverberations, and distortions of strings, winds, and choirs. Distant echoes bounce off the walls, swell into the void of large desolate rooms, or echo in endless fields where there is no man to absorb their power nor colorful frequencies to hinder them.

In this landscape, rules, relationships, and meanings are shifted as if they wanted to reveal the fragility of an illusion that, cracked, returns the profile of the void to which it gives shape.

NAM (Not A Museum), Firenze, Italy


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sountrack Atlantis

soundtrack F3C-CH2-F