H | ERE is a computer-generated sound composition performed live with a 1715 organ during the artist residency Madeinfilandia 2015 (Arezzo, Italy). On this occasion, the artist presents the “Nn” theory and interprets the chemical formulas related to water, the beginning of life, and the propellants for space shuttles. The Nn theory was developed in 2015 by Alessio de Girolamo, with the help of scientist Vincenzo Schettino and conductor Francesco Oliveto. The Nn theory highlights the curious structural identity as well as the disconcerting contemporaneity of Bohr's atomic model (which still interprets the periodic table of elements) with the Bosendorfer Imperial 290 piano with 97 keys, built by composer Ferruccio Busoni. The study reveals that the two systems are so identical as to be interchangeable, hence the compositional idea of assigning each chemical element a note on the piano. In this performance, de Girolamo explores this concept live.

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