Memories of  You (Real Time Prototype)
The computer sound composition is dedicated to Lionel Hampton, who was interrupted by a thunderstorm during the first edition of the Festival.

In the first part of the performance, the artist translates the sounds of space into the notes of "Memories of You" using the "SuperCollider" software in real time. Then, he dilutes the original track into the rain, redesigning it according to his compositional method, Nn.

The Nn theory was developed in 2015 by Alessio de Girolamo, with the help of scientist Vincenzo Schettino and orchestra conductor Francesco Oliveto. The Nn theory highlights the curious structural identity and the coincidental same age of Bohr's atomic model (which still interprets the periodic table of the elements) and the 97-key Bosendorfer Imperial 290 piano, designed by composer Ferruccio Busoni. The study revealed that the two systems were so identical that they were interchangeable, making it ideally possible to attribute a note of the aforementioned piano to each chemical element.

(Milena Becci)

original soundtrack