“L-system is a composition created for an acousmatic installation for the 2018 TAI (Tuscan Art Industry) festival.
The score is composed using a method I've named "Nn" (nomen nescio), where the overlay of the structure of Bohr's atomic model onto that of the Bosendorfer Imperial 290 piano assigns a note to each element of the periodic table.
I performed the sequence of elements present in the chemical formulas that describe the process of chlorophyll photosynthesis, recreating on the computer the extension over 97 keys of the Bosendorfer piano. The resulting score was then inserted into a c-sound programming environment that manages pre-samplings, evolving them into a growth climax that becomes a metaphor for biological growth in the work.
On the obtained track, recorded in its evolution until the buffer overload limit, accompanies a concrete sound sample, namely the nighttime recording in the courtyard of via Genova 17, which captured the sounds of activity from the adjacent factory.
The increasing climax generated by the program lies on this sound bed, articulating into 4 variations of the algorithmic process.” (Artext Interview by Dino Ascardi)

*Lindenmayer used L-systems to describe the behavior of plant cells and to model the growth processes of plant development.

original soundtrack