The Nn theory was developed in 2015 by Alessio de Girolamo, together with the help of the scientist Vincenzo Schettino and the orchestra master Francesco Oliveto. The Nn theory highlights the curious structural identity as well as the estranging same age of Bohr's atomic model (which still interprets the periodic table of the elements), with the 97-key Bosendorfer Imperial 290 piano, built by the composer Ferruccio Busoni.
From the study emerged that the two systems were so identical that they were interchangeable, so that it was ideally possible to attribute to each chemical element a note of the aforementioned piano.

Nn theory, 25*25cm, graphite on canvas

Four Elements, 29*39cm, graphite on music sheets


H | ERE is a computer sound composition, performed during Madeinfilandia 2015 artistic residency (Arezzo , Italy). The artist presents the theory "Nn" and plays according to the homonymous method chemical formulas related to water and the scientific theories of the beginning of life.