I developed this theory in 2015, together with the help of the scientist Vincenzo Schettino and the orchestra master Francesco Oliveto.

The Nn theory highlights the similarity of Bohr's atomic model (which still interprets the periodic table of the elements) and the 97-key Bosendorfer Imperial 290 piano, built by the composer Ferruccio Busoni.
Both of them can be linked to the same age and their two systems were so identical that they were interchangeable, so that it was ideally possible to attribute to each chemical element a note of the aforementioned piano. 

For a visual translation I thought of using the limit frequencies managed by the extension of the piano instrument, in order to graphically identify a formal register on the musical score, where symbols and images could be represented.

C#7, 2015 - graphite on canvas, 25x25cm

Periodic Table, 2015 - graphite on canvas, 25x25cm

The firsts four visual codes of the Nn theory

Codes 1,2,3,4, 2017 - insulating graphite paint on orchestra score, 29x39cm each