Lsystem 1

The sound installation is a composition of generative sounds programmed through Lsystems functions.
Water drops are sampled to generate by their sound ideal trees according to Lsystem logics.
The sound composition is a tribute to water as cause of life. In the development of the track, sounds became dry like bones collapsing on themselves.


The work dialogues with the visual installation by Loris Cecchini during the exhibition "Inaffable Gardener" at the Galleria Continua, in San Gimignano, 2018

Lsystem 2

This generative sound score was composed playing the sequence of the elements present in the chemical formulas describing the chlorophyll photosynthesis process, recreating the extension on 97 keys of the Bosendorfer piano (Nn*) to the computer.
The score obtained was then inserted into a generative software, making the sound evolve according to the formal grammar of the Lsystem.

The track was recored on the occasion of TAI- Tuscan Art Industry 2018, sampling factory sounds at night in the court of Via Genova 17, the main location of the festival. 
The increasing climax generated by the program rests on this sound bed articulated in four piano variations of the algorithmic process.

soundwalk installation view by night

soundwalk installation view during the day

soundwalk installation view during the day

Lsystem 3

The third Lsystem is a generative sound composition designed on the occasion of By-City Biennal of Urbanism/architecture of Shenzhen 2019 (Directed by Carlo Ratti, Meng Jianmin, Fabio Cavallucci).

The composition inspired by algorithms called Lsystems observed in nature is a metaphor of the abnormal growth of Shenzhen. The sounds used to trigger the generative algorithms are samples of traditional chinese music instruments that slowly grow on themselves as they grow according to an Lsystem.

The sound installation dialogued with the installation "Water Bones" by Loris Cecchini, inside a black cube.

installation view