The letters of the alphabet were printed and distributed as a unique piece for artbag mag

Wonder Waters

(11.11.19/24.11.19, Malta, multiple locations)

The creation of twelve large scale paintings has been the opportunity to involve the young citizens of Malta in the preliminary construction of letters made with a lettering conceived by the artist, who composed the symbolic inscription "WONDER WATERS", subsequently positioned from the artist like a clock around the monumental Triton Fountain of Triton Square, Valletta (Malta). Here, on November 15 2019, with the use of water and brooms, the melting of language in the element of hydrogen as a generator of life was symbolized during a public and participative performance.

The culmination of the project is the large installation realized at the Atrium of the Fondazzjoni Kreattività headquarters, in which the artist dialogued with the architecture by suspending the letters in the space, evoking their origin from the universe and their similarities to meteorites.
The installation reflects on the origin of language and the theme of the water as a fundamental element to generate life.


The project was financed and promoted by Fondazzjoni Kreattività, ERA and by the Italian Cultural Institute of Malta within the Zigu Zajg festival.


Phrases that presuppone a state of things different from the one described, although they can be literally used, they evoke scientific and philosophical conventions linked to the idea of plurality and to coincide with the human limit. Letters and codes rise to single totemic entities while composing words and phrases; in their being sacralized it is as if they were actually dismissed as a multitude and even denied their own through a process of divinization.


75x108cm - graphite insulating paint on cotton paper, 2019 Milano


28x39,5cm - graphite insulating paint on cotton paper 2019, Milano