Bio and statement

Alessio de Girolamo, (Sanremo, 1980 - lives and works in Athens) highlights illusory aspects of language and its structures with multidisciplinary works and installation mixes, creating immersive and live experiences.

In 2015 he discovered similarities between atomic models and music by elaborating the "Nn" theory which makes Bohr's atomic model and the curious Imperial 290 piano superimposable for both structural and historical reasons. From this research he creates a compositional system that relates the elements of the periodic table to the sounds of the piano. In 2017 he began working on the algorithms that regulate the formal grammar of the development of plant cells (see Lindenmayer) composing sound metaphors of their growth, formally highlighting similar behaviours between programming environments and natural environments. From 2018 the project becomes "L-System" when he establishes a collaboration made up of audiovisual installation dialogues with artist Loris Cecchini on various occasions, including the Shenzhen Biennale of Urbanism and Architecture in 2019, where the sound of the recordings of ancient Chinese instruments evolves in an abnormal growth with a digital matrix that underlines the history of the city. Central to these sound installations is the writing of generative programs in Supercollider, together with samplers with which the artist creates “sound walks” and acousmatic installations to put art and science, nature and architecture in dialogue.

With the project "Atlantis", commissioned and published for the first time in 2020 by Manifattura Tabacchi in Florence, de Girolamo investigates the dimensional alteration of soundscapes and images in the era of the pandemic, bringing out paracusias and hallucinations due to "bugs" (errors) of 3D software, asking questions on the role of the number in computer programming of sound and in the philosophical sense on the role of the number in the perception of time and myth.

Alessio de Girolamo’s work was featured in:
- “Arte e tecnologia del terzo millennio. Scenari e protagonisti, I Quaderni della Collezione, Voll. II”, a catalogue curated by Cesare Biasini Selvaggi and Valentino Catricalà (download via this link)

- “222 artisti emergenti su cui investire 2021”, a focus on the contemporary art scene in Italy commissioned by Exibart (learn more and buy the book via this link)

Selected press review︎︎︎

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Current ︎︎︎

from 18.12.2021 to 27.02.2022, at riss(e), viale San Pedrino 4, Varese, Italy

ARCANUM, curated by Daniele Perra
from 4.11.2021, on

Past ︎


Atlantis, curated by Irene Biolchini
from 28.09.2020 to 01.03.2021, at SCIC flagship store, Via Durini, Milano, Italy

SCIC presents a temporary concept in which the most talented Italian artists are invited to create a dialogue with the excellence of Italian design. The objective is to create a new space where creativity conquers the space: not a regular show, but a free intervention to bring life to the every day life.

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ERA vulgaris - Alessio de Girolamo, Hyun Cho, Niccolò Moronato

from 30.09.2020 to 12.12.2020, at Spazio Gamma, Milano, Italy
the show was accompained with a text by Stefano Non

live intervention on the occasion of NAM - Not A Museum, 16.07.2020, Manifattura Tabacchi, Firenze, Italy

live intervention on the occasion of NAM - Not A Museum, 25.06.2020, Manifattura Tabacchi, Firenze, Italy

on the occasion of Living Room, Manifattura Tabacchi, Firenze, Italy

Waterbones (Black Sponge + Lsystem 3), a collaboration between Loris Cecchini and Alessio de Girolamo on the occasion of Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism/Architecture 2019, directed by Carlo Ratti, Meng Jianmin, Fabio Cavallucci; Shenzhen, China 

Wonder Waters, Spazju Kreattiv, La Valletta, Malta

Silenzioso mi ritiro a dipingere un quadro, collective exhibition curated by Lorenzo Madaro, Galleria Renata Fabbri, Milano, Italy
“Real Time”, sound performance on the occasion of "La vita materiale" curated by Marina Dacci, Fondazione Palazzo Magnani, Reggio Emilia, Italy

Abitare un ritardo sonoro, Fondazione Arthur Cravan, Milano, Italy 
Lsystem 2, TAI Tuscan Art Industry 2018, Prato, Italy
999 modi di abitare, siamo al bar, a collaboration between Luca Pancrazzi and Alessio de Girolamo, Triennale, Milano, Italy
Ineffable Garden, Lsystem 1, sound installation - a collaboration between Loris Cecchini and Alessio de Girolamo, Galleria Continua, San Gimignano (Siena), Italy

Psychotronik Model, group exhibition Il pittore e la modella curated by Ermanno Cristini, Assab One, Milano, Italy
Who's Afraid of the Wolf, curated by Pietro Gaglianò, SRISA, Firenze, Italy
4 minuti#2, videoinstallation, Made in Filandia 2017 Pieve a Presciano, Arezzo, Italy
VODKA TRONIK, SS36 - Fondazione Rossini, curated by Roberta Pagani and Fondazione Arthur Cravan, Milano, Italy
OVERCROWDING, a collaboration between Alessio de Girolamo and Luca Pancrazzi, CareOf, Milano, Italy
ISBN concert, sound performance on the occasion of Scripta Festival curated by Pietro Gaglianò, Santa Reparata, Firenze, Italy
Nn, ovvero non conosco nome, InnerRoom, Siena, Italy 

Skyline Rapsody, sound performance, Galleria FPAC Palermo, Italy
(As Horses in all directions) - Les Sublimes Archive/Cose Cosmiche, group exhibition, Torino, Italy
limit138 Ubuntu group exhibition, Castello di Poppi, Poppi (Arezzo), Italy
LOUDNESS WAR, on the occasion of Noiseinfilandia, Pieve a Presciano (Arezzo), Italy
Slicing Mozart, soundinstallation on the occasion of the artist residency Etna rêverie, tenuta Primaterra, Catania, Italy
STS, sound performance on the occasion of A.M.O biennale Marche, Pergola (Pesaro Urbino), Italy
Sound no Sound, duo show, Palazzo Bracci, Fano (Pesaro Urbino), Italy
Wave, on the occasion of Infra Rosso group exhibition, Teatro Elfo Puccini, Milano, Italy
Space trasporting system, METODO group exhibition at Studio MDT, Prato, Italy

H|ERE, sound performance on the occasion of the artist residency Madeinfilandia 2015, Pieve a Presciano (Arezzo), Italy
Nn Theory, introduction to the theory on the occasion of the artist residency MadeInFilandia 2015, Pieve a Presciano (Arezzo), Italy
drawing installation on the occasion of TU-35, group exhibition at Pecci Museo, Prato, Italy

4 minuti, on the occasion of The Wall, group exhibition curated by Pietro Gaglianò, Assab One, Milano, Italy
Corner, installation, Biennale del Lago Maggiore, Cannero Riviera, Italy 
Portraits, performance, Made in Filandia, Pieve a Presciano (Arezzo), Italy 
Black Man, solo exhibtion, UnTubo Art Association, Siena, Italy

4 minuti, video performance, Pieve a Presciano, (Arezzo), Italy
Assunzione, photography installation on the occasion of EXTASI, group exhibition, Ex Stasi Museum, Hoeshonenhausen, Berlin, Germany 

Assunzione, for the group exhibition at Società Dante Alighieri, Berlin, Germany

.Listening., solo show, Charité Medical School Campus, Virchow-Klinikum, Berlin, Germany

Dream Factory, performance“Youth Culture Festival”, Palafiori, Sanremo, Italy
L’artista è interessante come mezzo, performance, Paratissima, Torino, Italy 

Signs, Noia, group exhibition, D. Terr Gallery, Torino, Italy 

Shadows, solo show, D.A.M.S., Imperia, Italy 
Shadows, performance on the occasion of the exhibition MoviArte, Padova, Italy